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Thought for the Week – November 19th, 2013

As a steward of the Gospel, pray: Dear Heavenly Father, help me, Your child, to live each day as one of your stewards of the Gospel. Give me Your continued strength and support me as I reflect Your presence in my life through the lifestyle I live. By Your grace, I pray that my life, and our lives together as brothers and sisters in Christ, as members of the Body of Christ, will properly reflect Your love and grace to others. In Jesus’ strong and precious name I pray. Amen.

Pastor Message – June 2013

From Pastor Curtis DeCoste

The doctrine of the Holy Trinity is more than an academic principle, more than just a set of facts to be memorized and recited. It is more than something strange and odd and hard to understand. God is the foundation and source of life and being and creation. And God is relationship—one God, three persons, each relating to and loving one another…and loving us. The Son of God became a man; He reflects and teaches this inner life of God—this community of God, the relationship He has with the Father—and relates it to us. He says that He is One with the Father, that we may be One with Him (John 17:22). He says the Word He speaks is not His own but was given by His Father (John 14:10). Jesus’ ministry was centered on glorifying His Father in allowing Himself to do what the Father sent Him for. But it is double-sided: All that Jesus said and did was for us and our salvation. Jesus does the Father’s will and speaks the Father’s Word completely and faithfully and obediently and lovingly. And what He speaks is life-giving and eternal. What the Father has, the Son gives, and it is eternal life. You could even say He gives Himself. He is life and love, and He gives Himself to those who hear, to those He calls, to those who listen to His Word.

(Taken from “The Holy Trinity and Life Together” by Rev. Christopher Hall, The Lutheran Witness, June/July 2011, Copyright (c) 2011 Christopher Hall. All rights reserved. Used by permission.)